2021 Legislation

Legislative Action Center

The 2021 Florida Legislature will be convening soon and we need to be prepared. The official opening day of the 2021 60-day session will be March 2nd.

We have created a website dedicated solely to legislation in Tallahassee. The Legislative Action Center is dedicated to giving our members the tools, training, and education they need to advance liberty in Tallahassee. Learn how to be a countervailing force against the special-interests lobbyists who pressure legislators for bigger government and loss of liberties.

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There is power in numbers and in order to be a strong countervailing force against the special interest groups and their army of lobbyists, we will bring individuals and groups together who share common goals and concerns to become a powerful force to be reckoned with by elected officials.

Click here to check out our Legislative Action Center

We will research, track and report proposed legislation as it moves through the legislative process and provide you up-to-the-minute legislative alerts to keep you informed and ready to take action, including Bill Summaries, Bill Sponsors, Committees, Bill Analysis, Legislator and Committee Profiles.

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