Liberty Lobby Days a Tremendous Success!

From Pensacola to Miami, more than seventy Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida members traveled to Tallahassee for two days of intense advocacy either for or against various pieces of legislation impacting liberty in Florida.
According to Bob White, RLC Florida Chairman, there were thirty-nine pieces of legislation impacting twenty-two sections of Florida Statutes included in this years “Legislative Agenda”. Even more bills are being tracked daily on the RLCFL website bill tracker.
“Our members participated in dozens of meetings with legislators and legislative staff members explaining our position on these bills. Some members also testified on various bills during committee hearings.”
One of the highlights of the annual event is the RLC Florida Legislative Reception held in the evening at the James Madison Institute headquarters building near the Capitol. “The JMI building is a historic venue and we greatly appreciate JMI allowing us to use their facility for our reception” said White. This year’s reception was attended by many members of the Florida House and Senate. “This is a great opportunity for our members to socialize and interact with legislators in a much more casual and relaxed setting.”
A multi day event like this requires a tremendous amount of hard work and preparation to pull it off successfully. “Congratulations and great appreciation to the team that pulls this off year after year; Legislative Affairs Chair Andy Dubois, Regional Director Jamie Merchant, and our Legislative Consultant John Hallman. They deserve all the credit.”
The Republican Liberty Caucus will continue to impact the legislative process throughout the session through Legislative Action Alerts emails. Subscribe today and join us to lobby for liberty.
In liberty,
Bob White
Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida