The Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida held a Second Amendment Gun Rights Preservation Forum in Melbourne and was nothing short of amazing! Over 500 patriots turned out to exercise their 1st Amendment rights in support of their 2nd Amendment Rights! Huge thank you to Brevard Trump Club and Frogbones Family Shooting Center for co-sponsoring with the Republican Liberty Caucus!

Thank you to moderator Bill Mick of Bill Mick Live, and panelists attorney Kendra Parris, State Representative Anthony Sabatini, Sheriff Wayne Ivey, and Shooting Straight radio Host Royce Bartlett! Thank you to Trump Club President Susan Hodgers, our AV specialist Steve Lindsley and a great team of volunteers!

Finally many many thanks to Rabbi Sandy Olshansky for such an eloquent and inspiring invocation! As long as there is just one patriot left standing willing to fight for our rights, the True American Dream, that of our Founders for our Liberty and Freedom, will never die!


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