White HeadshotBob White, Chairman | Bob White is a fourth-generation Floridian with a passion for politics and an unwavering commitment to the Constitution and limited government. He serves as the Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida (RLCFL), Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida (RLCCEF), and is the founder and former Chairman of the Liberty Catalyst Fund (LCF).

Alexandra Coe, Vice-Chair


Travis Christensen, Secretary

Military veteran and aviation machinist, Travis credits his affiliation with the RLC and Ron Paul campaigns as the foundation of his belief the people must have liberty and the government must operate upon Constitutional principles.  Travis has held various positions in local government committees and the local Republican party and believes that for the RLC to be successful we must promote our principles to both party and government.


Matt Nye, Treasurer | Matt Nye is an innovative entrepreneur and political activist. Nye founded the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida (RLCCEF) in 2008, organized the Brevard Tea Parties in 2009, and currently serves as the National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Nye is a frequently sought expert on subjects like taxes, regulation, waste, fraud, abuse, and transparency.


C.J. Gravois, At Large Director




Weiler Headshot

John Weiler, At Large Director

John is a retired Executive manager, with a background in Nuclear Engineering and Physics. John resides in Melbourne, Florida, and is a life-long Republican known as a fiscal and constitutional conservative. John has been a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida since 2009, serves on the RLCFL state board, as well as serving as the Brevard County Republican Executive Committee Vice-Chair and District Chair.


Celeste Ellich, At Large Director






Florida Regional Directors

North West – John Mills

John Mills is a retired U. S. Navy pilot with nearly 40 years of combined uniform and civilian service. John is a staunch believer in the framework of limited government outlined by the US Constitution and has taken on numerous leadership roles in the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida by building his local charter, organizing Second Amendment Rallies, and serving on both our state and national boards.


North Central


North East – Karyn Morton





Central – Andy Dubois

Andy’s activism in preserving liberty was galvanized in 2009 with the rise of the grassroots Tea Party movement. Working in concert with his local Republican Party Executive Committee in a variety of roles, Andy enthusiastically embraced policy and election strategies over the past decade. In 2019, Andy was one of several who founded the Republican Liberty Caucus Lake-Sumter which is chartered to work within the Republican Party to advance the foundational principles required for American self-government. These principles include Constitutionally limited government, preservation of individual liberty, and free-market capitalism. Andy lives with his wife, Marie, in Howey in the Hills, Florida.


Central West – John Carroll

Born in Long Island New York, John moved to Florida in 2004 when he was 15, where he joined his School’s Navy JROTC Program. It was there that he learned the importance of Service to Country, and the Protection of the Constitution. John served in the United States Army Military Police with a 15-month deployment to Iraq, 10+ Years in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and a previous career working in Government & Studying Politics. John Graduated from Saint Leo University with a BA in History & Political Science and an Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security. John became the Communications Director for RLC- Tampa Bay not long after joining and in 2019, he was elected Regional Director for West Central Florida.



Central East – Ted Noftall




South East – Robert Sutton





Southwest – Crystal Hamblen