The Republican Liberty Caucus is a national grassroots organization working to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government, free markets, and personal freedom and responsibility.

For more than twenty years the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has been the strongest, most consistent voice for these principles within the Republican Party. Many Republicans talk about these principles, but the RLC has taken the lead in promoting Liberty candidates and advocating for Liberty legislation. We believe that less government means more liberty and we work through state and local chapters, and with our member activists all over the country to oppose government excess and demand accountability to the American people and the Constitution.
The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida (RLCFL) believes in educating the voters of Florida on the legislative process and we feel it is important that you know how legislators voted on key issues of liberty. We put together a cross-section of legislation to provide you with the most comprehensive look into how you might evaluate your representation in Tallahassee. Holding our elected officials accountable is our primary responsibility as citizens. We hope that you will use this scorecard as a tool to do exactly that.




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