By The Space Coast Rocket - December 18, 2020


Recently I’ve posted pictures from some events I’ve either organized or participated in and someone has commented with the question “Where are your masks?” If you’re wondering that, whether you actually asked it or not, this post is for you.

As free men and women, masks are optional in our group settings or meetings. We don’t judge those that wear them and we don’t judge those that don’t. FYI – and I’m sure some will object to this, but there are plenty of studies, and more evidence every day that masks don’t really stop the spread of Covid 19. Just like the evidence that only 1.5 % of transmissions are from restaurants or bars, but yet the government locks them down anyway and puts these business owners out of business and destroys peoples jobs.

Depression, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse are all spiking right now in epic proportions not because of covid but because of the governments response to Covid.

If you are considered elderly or have potential co-morbidities like diabetes, respiratory disease or others then you should govern yourself accordingly. Stay home as much as you can, and yes for whatever minimal affect it may have, feel free to wear a mask if you have to go out.

Special provisions should certainly be made for nursing home residents and those in other extended care facilities. However, If you’re elderly and you choose to come to our meetings, with or without a mask, you will not be judged and you will be welcomed to participate.

For the rest of us that choose Liberty over Fear in the face of a virus with a plus 99% survival rate, masks are optional. Leave our businesses and our jobs alone!


In Liberty!

Bob White
Chairman, RLC Florida



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