Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida
2020 Year in Review

Greetings members and friends of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida. 

2020 has been an exceptional year for our organization!
Looking forward we will build on that success with a 1st quarter 2021 membership drive. More on that later but you can join or renew your membership now if you’re ready!


Here are a few of the highlights from our most productive year ever:


Defending the Second Amendment  
Our Second Amendment Gun Rights Preservation Tour was a huge success!
During the first 4 months of 2020, 17 forums were held around the state with more than 2,000 people participating. With a new understanding of the assaults being waged against our 2nd Amendment rights, we empowered these folks to fight back by including them in our postcard mail campaign to Senate President Bill Galvano and Committee Chairman Tom Lee.

Thanks to our gun rights preservation tour, coupled with our 6,000 piece mail campaign, the Florida Senate’s attempt to take an already terrible “Red Flag” statute and make it even worse was defeated!

At Chairman Lee’s request, we met with him in Tallahassee for a very frank discussion of this legislation.

At the conclusion, we presented him with his personalized certificate of induction into the “2020 Oath Breakers Hall of Shame”.

Once a priority of the Senate President, this terrible piece of legislation was subsequently buried, never to see the light of day for the remainder of the session! 


Our “Liberty Lobby Days” event during the second week of the legislative session was a great success with 34 of our members attending from all over the state. We presented our legislative agenda of the bills we either supported or opposed to Legislators and testified on legislation in committee.

Our “Legislative Reception” held on Tuesday evening was well attended and gave our members the opportunity to interact with legislators in a more relaxed setting.

The work we do in Tallahassee is vital to preserving Liberty! 
At the conclusion of the legislative session in March, our local chapters found innovative ways to work around the coronavirus lockdown hysteria and continue to make a difference at the local and county level.
Candidate forums and political hobnobs were organized by RLC chapters around the state at the same time that county Republican Executive Committees were canceling their events. 


Once again the RLC provided meaningful and much-needed opportunities for voters and activists to get the information and training they need to make informed decisions and have a positive impact on politics and policy. 


Celebrating the U.S. Constitution
In September our 12th annual Constitution Day Dinner was a tremendous success. 

Nearly 300 patriots from all corners of the state traveled to Melbourne to celebrate our Constitution and our Founders, and to honor our veterans and first responders. This annual dinner has earned its well-deserved reputation as the Liberty Event of the Year in the state of Florida! 


Financial proceeds from the Constitution Day Dinner are used to advance the cause of Liberty in very meaningful ways. The RLCFL is growing and hires Executive Director. The financial success of this year’s dinner made it possible for us to hire our first ever full-time executive director. 

In announcing the appointment of seasoned political consultant and liberty lobbyist John Hallman to this position RLCFL Chairman Bob White, made the following statement:
“This is a very big step forward for our organization. John has played an integral role in our efforts in Tallahassee for many years. His commitment to Liberty and his outstanding advocacy for our principles and issues before the Florida legislature have long been appreciated”.


We need to raise the additional funds necessary to fully and permanently fund this critical game-changing position for the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida and we need your help!

Please join us in this critical fight for Liberty by joining the Republican Liberty Caucus!


Your membership will help us fund this new position and will also help us increase our presence not just in Tallahassee, but also in Washington DC and in your local community. When you join your dues are shared between our National organization, our Florida Chapter, and your local chapter!

Thank you for fighting for Liberty! Thank you for your support of the Republican Liberty Caucus!
In Liberty!

Bob White
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida


PS – Fighting for liberty is expensive and we appreciate your membership!
If you can, won’t you please consider a generous gift beyond the $45.00 membership dues! Thank you again for your support!



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