The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida is serious about Election Integrity! This billboard, paid for by the RLCCEF, just went up in Tallahassee:

RLCCEF Billboard

One Person One Vote is the foundation upon which our Constitutional Republic rests! We want Governor DeSantis to know that we will support him if he calls for an audit, and we want him to support legislation requiring an audit!

House Bill 99 by Representative Anthony Sabatini does exactly that. HB 99 calls for the Governor to appoint an independent 3rd party to conduct a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Florida election results. 

Please call or email Governor DeSantis. Tell him you support HB 99, the election audit bill, and you hope he will too. 

Just copy and paste this email addresses into the send to line:
(850) 717-9337 

This bill has been referred to the Public Integrity and Elections Committee. Representative Daniel Perez is the Chairman of the Committee. Representative Chris Sprowls is the Speaker of the Florida House. Email them and tell them you want this bill heard in committee!

Just copy and paste both email addresses into the send to line:

Write “Schedule HB 99 in Committee” on the subject line. Then in your own words tell them why you support Election Integrity and why you want this bill to be heard and passed! 

You can also call them to make your views known on this critical issue:

Chris Sprowls – District Office (727) 793-2810
                          Tallahassee (850) 717-5065

Daniel Perez – District Office (305) 442-6800
                        Tallahassee (850) 717-5116

Please share this with your friends and other organizations you belong to. Thank you for your support on this critical issue!

In Liberty!
Bob White
Chairman, RLC Florida


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