The Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida hosted its 13th Annual Republican Liberty Caucus Constitution Day Dinner on Saturday, September 11th.

Candace Owens Sign

This event was a tremendous success! In fact, Per Chairman, Bob White, it was our most successful dinner ever! The dinner was sold out right when it was announced. However, in working with the event staff, Bob was able to secure more tables which were also sold out as quick as they were posted.

How could this event not be the most successful one ever with Candace Owens as our Keynote Speaker? She absolutely rocked the house and was gracious and very personable with everyone she came in contact with! Best Keynote Speaker in our history and we’ve had some great ones through the years!

Bob White expressed in a Facebook post following this wonderful CDD that there are so many people to thank.

CDD Table

CDD table setting
He begin with the best dinner committee in the history of dinner committees: Steve Lindsley, Barbara Weiler, Rik and Tracy Venerable, Matt Nye, Caron McCullough, Marie Rogerson, Blaise Trettis and of course his incredible wife Flo! Events of this magnitude don’t just happen spontaneously. They take months of planning and execution. If you attended this dinner then you know that these people delivered in a huge way!

CDD Dinner Table

Our Sponsors are critical to our success! We cannot make this happen without their generous support!

Gold Coast Sponsorship Sign

Thank You to our Dinner Sponsor Dragos Sprinceana, our VIP Champagne Reception Sponsor (for what must be seven years in a row now) Senator Debbie Mayfield, and for the first time our Speaker Sponsors Mike and Mary Renfro, all of whom contributed in a major way to our success.

Speaker Sponsorship Sign

In addition we had numerous Platinum, Gold, Silver and Table Sponsors that made significant contributions along with various organizations that purchased full tables, even multiple tables! Your contributions are so appreciated!

Sponsorship List

We had many volunteers that were also key to making the evening run smoothly and they are all so appreciated!

13th Annual CDD

Major props as well the BCSO Reserve Officers Division for providing security, Rich Hoover for audio visual and the Radisson Resort at the Port for working with us every step of the way, and thank you to our advertisers, many of whom have been with us for several years!


Bob hopes that he didn’t miss anyone in expressing his gratitude for such a terrific event. If he did, he gives his thanks to everyone that participated in making this event the most memorable one yet! Bob never has the time at these events to take his own pictures so if you see some of yours in this post, Bob thanks you for taking the time to share them!

It is a blessing to have the opportunity to be involved with so many great Patriot members and officers of the RLC of Brevard and the RLC of Florida! Thank you all for all that you do every day and for traveling from all over the state to attend and support this event! Flo and I feel very blessed to live in Brevard County! There are so many wonderful people and great organizations that call this place home. We love you all! God Bless America and God Bless each and every one of you!

 – In Liberty!

Bob White
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida

Please enjoy the below gallery of photos courtesy of all of you! We appreciate you all. Thanks again for coming out and celebrating our Constitution!



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